So what exactly is a bird diverter?

A bird diverter is a device that is attached to a power line or any type of wire suspended in the air to distract and divert birds away from the line, avoiding accidents and fatalities. These are particularly useful for power and communication lines that cross lakes or rivers, where bird tend to flock together.

We developed the CROCFAST® clamp and bird diverter solutions because we’re passionate about protecting bird species around the world, with an innovate and cost-effective solution. Our experience with overhead structures and UK planning practices led us to difficulties finding bird diverter products that are easy to install, are robust and reliable, and cost effective.

The CROCFAST® products were born out our desire to deliver a lightweight and quickly fitted product for installers, that is cost effective for infrastructure owners and provides superior protection for avian wildlife.

  • Installation time reduced
  • Increased bird diverter spacing
  • Cost effective
  • Clamp stays fixed on overhead line
  • Robust long lasting materials for extreme environments

If you want to work with a company that puts clients first and values integrity, then contact us and tell us what you need. We’re flexible and will try our best to deliver your requirements.

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